Hey, welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by.

The goal of my website is to help people with some free legal advice that I find on the web. LET ME START WITH THIS – IN NO WAY AM I AN ATTORNEY! FOR ALL LEGAL MATTER YOU NEED TO EITHER FIND OR CONTACT YOUR OWN LAWYER FOR ALL FINAL LEGAL ADVICE!

Okay, now that is out of the way – I wanted to put up a website that can help steer people in the right direction when they have legal issues. Legal issues can be a real pain in the ass! Trust me, I Know! When you are in business for yourself it is not a matter if you have been sued, BUT WHEN! Don’t get me wrong, our judicial system while it might be flawed is still the best in the world. But there are people who will just throw frivolous law suits out there and see what sticks and how much money they can get.


Sometimes people get into trouble through not paying child support, or DUI’s  and things like that. For sure they need the advice of a good attorney. Not to long ago my under age daughter left a party where she had a couple beers, much to my dismay, was pulled over and got arrested. Boy, was I mad. Then I had to weed through the list of bondsman and attorneys to get her out of jail and keep her from having to pay huge fines or possibly face jail time. Luckily I found a great bondsman and he referred me to an awesome attorney. But still, what a pain! When I got her home I gave her a piece of my mind – mainly for drinking at such a young age, but that’s another story, maybe for another blog on parenting.

Anyhow, with this blog I will be bringing you posts on things I find in the legal system, help with attorney, bondsman and all kinds of things. Probably what I will be posting mostly is videos,  and the reason being for that is, let’s face it, Americans are getting more lazy and prefer to watch information rather than read it (I have to admit, I am one of those Americans!)

So check back here when ever you need to find a good attorney, bondsman or anything along those lines. You can subscribe to the RSS feed from the site or just bookmark it and come back when you need. Hopefully you won’t need any legal advice, but if you do I hope I have something that can help you!